Our mentors are either credentialed or have decades of experience in working with dogs.  

Our mentors are those trainers who have shown that they can think outside the box and innovate based on the needs and resources of the client.

Our community of mentors are game-changers in their fields from basic puppy raising to handle aggression and fear.


YOU are a client.  If you have at least one dog, then you are a client.  It doesn't matter if all you need is advice on potty training or extensive help with an aggressive pack of dogs.

Welcome to the Canine Mentor Alliance

an imageOnline education is quite the thing these days from kindergarten to college and university degree programs to specialized training like dog training.

But online education is lacking in one area and that is specilized education or assistance for those who have neither the time or the need for an extensive and lengthly class or set of classes. 

Here at the Alliance we pride ourselves on creating a program for you based on not only your needs with your dog, but also your budget and the time and resources you have available.

Not everyone with a dog wishes to compete in agility or obedience trials.  Not everyone even cares if their dog knows how to sit so long as the dog doesn't jump on Aunt Maude.

Our mentors here at the Canine Mentor Alliance understand that sometimes expediency is necessary in order to smooth out the relationship between species and that intricate or lengthy programs are not always necessary.

You get the help you need without breaking your budget or spending weeks trying to master cues, clickers, leashes or exercises.  In most cases, all that's necessary is to play 3 or 4 games with your dog to help him understand what it is that you want from him and what you don't want.

Check out our research and resources section for examples of what you might be asked to do with your dog to help with an issue.

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